Where to put my source files?


I just started with Agiletoolkit. And got stuck immediately. Maybe the documentation is perfectly clear for advanced users(!), but for a beginner it doesn’t provide even a starting point.

I have watched a first tuturial on Youtube but htis is for version 4.2. And according to the clips there is much more documentation. Now I am always referred to book.agile.org. I run in circles, and I get nowhere. It seems that since 4.2 a lot has been changed in the directory structure.

Two examples:
On the welcome page (yeah, I started there) I see this sentence at the very first example: Create a file shared/lib/Model/Book.php:. Now where is the shared directory? (Eventually I created the file in admin/lib/Model and ran the eample). But how should I know??

On the Application page of the tutorial there is this code:
include 'atk4/loader.php'; $app = new App_CLI(); echo "Hello World\n";
So where to create that file?? Eventually I edited the include string. But if I wanted to keep this string apparently I had to put my file in vendor/atk4. What gives? How should I know?

And for really every example in the tutorial I seem to have to browse through the comple agile directory tree to find a suitable location so classes and includes can be found.

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe Agile toolkit is great and valuable, and I appreciate the enormous effort to develop it. But this is not a learning curve, it is learning wall I bump into. So where can I find this very basic information as to where put my application file so I can print Hello World? I think there is a system behind it, but where to find the description?




I have beta access to our on-line teaching course. We’re still working on it, but I can give you some access. Please PM me if you are interested.

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Hi romaninsh. Thank you for answering so fast. Yes, I’d be definitely interested. I clicked on the grey arrow at the bottom of your post, is that a PM?



no, you need to click on my name, then send “private message”.


OK, I click on your name and this is what I see:



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Hello @romaninsh,

I have sent you a PM as well, I would appreciate highly to also get access to the online-teaching courses. Please find my detailed message in your inbox.

Thank you!