Using POST variables instead of GET for jsModal, etc

Hi! When I call a jsModal with a large number of grid selections, for example [‘selection’ => $grid->jsChecked()], the callback never gets sent when the URL string is greater than 2083 characters (A common problem with Chrome, IE, etc). Is it possible to POST the $grid->jsChecked() instead of GET when using functions like jsModal?

Thank you,

I’d suggest you to do this:

  • on selection store values of your form into a hidden field of a form.
  • button should submit this form, sending data to backend. Store values where needed.
  • as response - open modal and there you can display things by reading data from backend (db or cookie)

There are probably other ways too, for example, you could open modal and then read data from checkboxes there. For instance, modal may contain form (pass grid through use($grid) into a callback).