Using ATK for REST API consumption


Hello, I am helping with evaluating front end UI frameworks for quickly developing a web app that integrates data from 2 (probably more in the future, plus MySQL later) already existing Restful APIs into one app. ATK UI has an awesome amount of features we can use, but I have read through a great deal of the documentation and looked at a lot of samples, looked through the forum etc. and I have not found examples of using ATK UI for consuming REST data. I did see the project for creating REST endpoints, but we need to use existing ones. I feel like I missed something in the documentation.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you for any help.


Sorry, I don’t have much to offer, but I am looking at Agile UI for pretty much the same reason. It’s not clear to me how ATK and REST should co-exist. Totally new to this, however, I have been pouring through the documentation and the tutorials. Would love to see some more commentary on how to use Agile UI with REST API.




ATK Data have always been developed with REST in mind. Although close, there are no working example because we were lacking ability to process “nested” data records.

Recently, we approved containsMany:,-containsMany and it has now been implemented and

Although it’s not released yet, I think using RESTful persistence should be possible quite soon.


Also apologies for late reply, I was on vacation. My time is limited I’m still very interested in feedback. Join us for the next weekly hangout - schedule here: