User Login Add-on for Agile UI / Data


Finally a first add-on for Agile UI / Agile Data is here and it brings a easy implementation of User Login feature.

Here is detailed feature list:

  • Field\Password - password hashing, safety, generation and validation
  • Model\User - basic user entity that can be extended
  • LoginForm - username/password login form
  • RegisterForm - registration form
  • Auth - authentication controller, verify and record logged state
  • UserAdmin - UI for user administration
  • Layout\Narrow - SemanticUI-based narrow responsive layout login/registration forms
  • Templates for forms an messages
  • Demos for all of the above

Current version is 0.9 and it is available here:

I invite anyone who are using Agile UI to try out this add-on and I’d like to hear what you guys think! Based on early feedback, I’ll change the add-on before releasing version 1.0.

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