Uploading Files inside Form


I have wrote an add-on (Filestore) which is an awesome way to upload and store files in any of your model and on any of your forms. Fully compatible with CRUD and integrates with Flysystem.

This add-on is free to use (MIT), enjoy!


I am using filestore but I wonder how to make filestore to show the image inside the CRUD table and also in editing mode… after clicked in edit… button?

I mean in the table generated by GRUD it will be nice to have the representation of the image instead of a just image name, also when editing it… so it is more friendly and visualised …

is there a way to do this?



Yes, but the support for that should be added. I can add this feature into “Filestore” if you sponsor it and make it part of Filestore add-on.

Alternatively you can create a decorator for a Table and Form. This would also require thumbnail mechanism to work.


I think it will be nice to have this… so how to sponsor it? take a look at this topic where I posted some ideas…