Udemy.com ATK course early access (Limited time - FREE)


We are working on a paid Udemy course that will teach you about Agile UI, Agile Data and Agile API. We have put together a “Review Team” who is tasked with watching the videos and offering early feedback.

If you would like to help us out and get free access to the material, please send me a DM (Direct Message) with your “Udemy.com username/email”.



I interested in the course, my email in udemy is


I have sent an invitation, can you please tell me if the videos are helpful.


I am interested in the course. my udemy email is (removed).


Dear Romans, do you have finished or get some advance on this. I’m very interested in the course. I’m a computer sciences professional but limited UI technologies knowledge.

Best regards.


yes, it’s now available. See http://udemy.com/web-apps-with-php-and-atk/ - and follow announcements on Udemy.