Tutorial on how to convert my HTML for use with AgileToolKit?


Is there a tutorial on how to convert MY HTML to use with AgileToolKit?
While I love the concept, if you don’t provide the capability to change the layouts, views, and templates, people are not going to use this.

I’d like to see a tutorial on how to take a standard free template from TemplateMonster and convert it to be used with AgileToolKit. It doesn’t have to be a video tutorial because I think it would be way to long. A step-by-step one would suffice.

After reading the docs, I just don’t see how to do such a thing.


you are correct, I haven’t made a tutorial like that and it’s something I actually wanted to do.

I’ll try to make something in the near future (this week hopefully)+


Hello Romans,

I am also very interested in that. Since the answer of this post was last year - was there any tutorial created? I have followed the Udemy course yet - it was really great and inspiring. But it didn’t really went deeply into how to use own themes and styles, just how to do some slight Html-changes of templates. It would be really great to get some lessons how to change the entire design by using own CSS, or even using a complete third party template such as this one: https://blackrockdigital.github.io/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/pages/index.html (just an example).

Also one important reason is, that when we develop web applications, we need to do this for customers - and most of them need an integration into their existing projects or websites - and thus the applicatioin would need to follow their corporate design. I like Semantic UI, but it could be the case that we need to follow other styleguides to develop our apps - so it would be really a very important point to start here. A tutorial would be really, really helpful. I am missing this information somehow.

Would be awesome to see a tutorial about it. Or did I just not find it?


When beginning my work on ATK UI I had to choose between Bootstrap and Semantic UI. Back then Semantic UI was more active and had some nice progress. But the main reason I went with Semantic UI is their theming support - when done correctly you can change the look of entire UI without messing up the HTML code.

Bootstrap is more widget-specific and those widgets are less flexible. Any custom UI requires lot of additional CSS code at least that back then.

I do know, however, that some developers would want to use Bootstrap (and it’s extensions), so I’ve made it so you can replace the templates from semantic-ui to the CSS framework of your choice. It is a lot of work, though and I cannot undertake this project. Would be a full rewrite of all files here: https://github.com/atk4/ui/tree/develop/template/semantic-ui.

If someone is willing to do that (Gowrav? :wink: :wink:), I will try my best to support the project. It can be implemented as extension to ATK UI.


I totally agree with Romans Here,

After writing approx. 3 million lines in ATK and customising admin css completely, I am also sure semantic is the best choice. We did try to use semantic with ATK4.3 also with success but changing a lot code was not a good idea and we sticked with bootstrap.

But again, as a matter of fact, ATK UI must support the ways to replace the underlaying CSS without effecting the CODE/HTML.

Still not shifted (just following) to ATK UI, but willing to merge both versions to start a graceful shift over time. I guess at that time, I will have to do this :wink:


Well in theory CSS customization in ATK UI should be easier than in 4.3. Straightforward but perhaps labor intensive.