Training signup not working?


Im trying to signup for a trainig using the form at
Whatever I write in the form I always get an error message saying ajax error: “Exception: Incorrect usage of field validation”. What’s wrong?


Hi Psad. Unfortunately training material is currently not available, but I’m working with to create and publish a course on Udemy. Would you be interested in this material?


Hi Romans,

I have faced the same issue and I also tried the link given in above comment. but I’m not familiar with the language of the course could you please suggest me.


OK, guys, lets do this:

  1. Sign-up for account
  2. PM me your account email.
  3. I’ll arrange free access to the course we’re building
  4. Provide feedback and help us improve



ColibriSchool in the above comment is working with agiletoolkit in developing a content on udemy. So you don’t need to register there. You sign up at as Romans said. Since the course is still in development you should participate in making that better.


Hi Sir,

I have checked with, but I’m not able to find the exact course name. could you please guide me bit more :slight_smile:


It’s not published yet, simply PM me your account and i’ll give you early access.



It’s almost November now…any word on developments, please?

I can’t PM you unfortunately, being a new user (just found out about your project to make learning PHP more accessible), so I’m asking here.



The course is available on Udemy. I made it free too: