Tabs issue - attempt of CRUD opens empty modal


Hello everyone,
I’m just new to ATK4 and I’m dealing with this issue: next code don’t show the CRUD in virtual page under Tab but opens a small empty modal window - in console shows Error 500. When I remove tabs and the same CRUD should be inserted to page directly without tab, it works (then $tab->add… is of course changed to $app->add…). Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong? (ATK4 1.6.1 or ATK 1.6.2, Admin template)

$tabs = $app->add('Tabs');
$tabs->addTab('Adresář Subjektů', function ($tab) {
	$table = $tab->add('CRUD');
	$table->setIpp([5, 10, 15]);
	$table->addQuickSearch(['nazev'], true);


Hello. Maybe problem is with the tab title. Can you use just “test” for the tab title and see if ti works?



Can you confirm if $subjekty is something here ??