Stored Procedure in Model


I am refactoring our systems using Agile Toolkit. Our systems are full of stored procedures done in SQL Server 2005. How can I use Agile Data or a Model to execute a stored procedure?


Hi Elizalde,

Good question. A good strategy is to move away from stored procedures in favour of something like this:

But if you must, there are several usages:

  1. Using as field
  2. Getting data from stored procedure (as query)
  3. Using through temporary table
  4. Crafting manual queries

I’ll find the corresponding documentation for the above cases and will post below, but in the meantime, if you have any other use-cases you would like me to document - please let me know by replying.


I have provided some documentation on using Stored Procedures here:

My experience with stored procedures is very limited, so if you have a better examples, you should contribute to this file to help other users:



Thank you very much, Romaninsh! I am still new to this. I’ll follow up soon.