Reload grid and view after pop up is closed


Good afternoon,
I have a page with grid and view. From these page I can open pop up window, but I want to reload grid and view after pop up is closed. Grid can reload like this:


$grid = $this -> add('Grid');
$this -> js('reload_grid',$grid -> js() -> relaod());

pop up:

$form -> js('click') -> univ() -> closeDialog() -> getjQuery() -> trigger('reload_grid') -> execute();

How can I now reload grid and view together after pop up is closed?

Thank you in advance


i reformatted your code a little, but looks like some syntax errors are still there (relaod())

My suggestion is to add a class to your main page called do-reload for all the elements which will need reloading:


Then you simply need to do:


When you close your dialog.

P.S. You can use “close” event of the jQuery Dialog through an option to trigger.