Recent Releases (Core 1.3.0, Data 1.2.1)


I am excited to announce some big releases.

Agile Core 1.3.0

This release refactors FactoryTrait in a way that may not be backwards compatible, so upgrade with care.

Agile Data 1.2.1

IMPORTANT: Agile Data will on longer prefix model class with Model_ is specified as string:

$this->hasOne('client_id', 'Client'); // refers to Client, not Model_Client

For more info see #244

Agile UI

If you are using Agile UI, (either stable or develop version) you will not be affected until Agile UI 1.2 is out. I have switched “atk4/ui/develop” branch to previous, stable versions to keep everything working well for you. In a meantime, we are working on some epic cleanups and significant documentation update. More on on this later.



If you have been following the ‘master’ development there are MORE changes around the Factory and fine-tuning it to make usable across all the frameworks. Looks like most of the major changes are now complete and things now start to take shape.

Also we will finally see the return of the model specification format some of you love: