QnA System - How -to?

Hi All,

I’m new here and to ATK as well. I have intermediate PHP knowledge and learning ATK is part of the process. I am currently following the Udemy Course and Trying to build a side project of my own which would be a question and answer system.

I have designed the database with a table that would have the questions and the responses would be saved in an answer table. How do I load the questions (lets say I have 10) one by one along with a field to select either yes or no and save the response? I am not able to figure this out. Any help is welcome.

To get started - use the components that are readily available on https://ui.agiletoolkit.org - if you want to come up with some new mechanics - you would either have to piece it together out of smaller components or use VueJS and build your own custom frontend component.