Problem using grid's quickSearch inside jsModal

Hello everyone,
Here is what i’m trying to achieve. I’ve created a form which has a button that opens a jsModal. The second argument of jsModal is URL not a virtual page. The URL used for the modal is different form the URL of the page containing the form (i’m using ATK + Laravel).
Inside the modal i have another grid with quick search.

When ATK renders the jsSearch it assigns a ‘partial’ URL (in my case “uri”:“find?__atk_reload=atk_admin_grid_view”).
This is causing a problem when submitting the search. The search request is taken to wrong address as the partial URL gets glued to the URL of the ‘parent’ form:

What am i missing something or is my approach wrong? :slight_smile:

I tried another approach jsModal with VirtualPage. This allowed me to implement all the functionality i needed.
It is taking some time to adjust my thinking into ATK’s ways :slight_smile:

you’ll get there :slight_smile: if you have any suggestion how to make this easier, please share.