Please assist me with some beginner info

Hi All

Im new here and I am digging through all the info online currently but have some questions which im hoping anyone here can help point me to more focused information.

Just a quick overview , im not a beginner at web development or using dynamic data in front ends or writing javascript , C# and can reference code PHP and Python etc… but im not a back end developer. I specialize in WebGL currently and mostly build configurators. Normally I would use 3rd party platforms like sketchfab and their viewer API but recently I built a rather large application using Babylon.js.

Currently this application is using flat data files ( static xml / json etc )

Here is a link to the configurator :

This configurator has to now be integrated into a larger application to be used by the sales team of my client. This larger application would have pages that all want to use the data in some manner or another.

So I basically want to create a CMS solution using a proper database instead of flat files. The CMS can use all of the agile toolkit view code I dont mind. The actual front end website would not use any of the view code of the agile toolkit - at all.

The front end already has a fully working complex structure that uses all sorts of visibility filters, asset loading structures , themes, and other features to facilitate the needs of the configurator. This logic is all defined in the flat file data currently, I definitely dont want to rebuild that - just what “feeds it”

I need to add some properties to the data when using a proper database, like prices points ( which can be edited by admin ) and UIDs that can be centralized and used to serialize a session of selections for a user of the client and also then be later retrieved by the quotation system. I hope that makes sense.

So the front end would be my own code and I simply want to be able to hit various PHP scripts to retrieve the data from the database , instead of getting it from flat files. I will be able to reference code any such scripts and also format the response to xml or json as required.

I need to obviously create custom tables in the database , like “Installation_Entity” or Asset_Collection" etc…

Is this doable with this framework? If so does anyone know of related articles or documents I can read to get this sort of usage up and going.

Sorry for the long post , thanks if you took the time to read it.

Here is a screenshot of the configurator ( new user so can only post one image here ) :

looks like you could use atk4/api to define REST endpoints.

It integrates with “ATK Data” ( and makes use of your domain logic that can be shared with a separate UI frontend.

I hope this helps.

AH nice , that does look in line with my needs , I’m still getting all the info for doing the data models and thinking about the total database structure required. Once I have those sorted and some rows inserts for testing I will then proceed to look into using this to fetch the data.

Thanks for you assistance!