MongoDB not working in 4.3.0


I loved atk4.2 and am trying to now learn mongodb with atk4.3, however it seems as though it doesn’t work in the master or the 4.3 branch.

When I try to use a mongo model, i get the following PHP Fatal error:

Fatal error: Declaration of Controller_Data_Mongo::save() must be compatible with Controller_Data::save($model, $id, $data)

Indeed, the abstract method and the implemented method save() are not aligned. When these small method signature errors are corrected, more errors occur (e.g., array_shift errors).

I’m confused, because the docs say mongodb works with atk, but I can’t find a branch that does work.


I think that MongoDB Driver has not been migrated to 4.2 yet.

Implementing new data drier should be possible, would you like to give it a try?

Here is more info on how to do it:

If you run into problems please give me a shout and I’ll help.