License gone with the wind?

I bought an non-expiring license for one domain a year ago.
(Quote site at that time: Closed Source Domain. Non-expiring license valid for any amount of CPUs/Servers. You are not required to open-source your project code. $130.00 - Bestseller!)

As I tried to login to the ‘new’ site, it seems all that info is forgotten. My account deleted? A new business model which speaks of a previous annual fee (?) and a monthly fee during development?

Can someone clarify what is going on? I bought the license to support and I thought paying customers would be treated a bit nicer. Especially since nobody else did pay as Romans himself clarified…


Thanks and I hope my next questions will be more program-oriented!

Hi Quanntum.

You have purchased license for 4.2 Agile Toolkit. The 4.3 version is now licensed under MIT and the framework itself no longer needs to be purchased. If you wish to continue using 4.2 or upgrade to 4.3 you can do so.

We are now focusing on commercial website hosting and deployment services. At the same time, we keep maintaining 4.3 and I’d like to see more adoption from the community.

Quanntum - please, if you have any further questions or need any assistance with Agile Toolkit - I’ll always try my best to help.