Layout Columns.php refers to inexistant template


namespace atk4\ui\Layout;
class Column extends Generic
public $defaultTemplate = ‘layout/column.html’;

but I can’t find this ‘layout/column.html’ file.

I was looking for a 100% width template, with a top menu, as shown in demo : the manual layout, but this demo layout seems hard coded (layout1.html … is not what I would call a template)

If you have something like that, I’m interested !


That seems like a defunct layout, which I accidentally committed. The idea was to have 4 standard layouts in Agile UI:

  • [Implemented] Centered. Great for trying things and things like log-in screen or confirmations.
  • [Implemented] Admin. Have menu on top / left / right, some footer and make it responsive.
  • [Incomplete] Column. Similarly to Twitter or Facebook have content running in one column with some side-bars.
  • [Incomplete] Product. An example to a standard product page. Big pictures!

There was some work done on the layouts in this commit:

Technically if you’d like to help out with that template, you would have to:

  • clone agile ui repo
  • create your own .html / .pug files based on symantic-ui. If needed you can use your own custom css to compliment.
  • define tags and regions inside your layout.
  • create layout class which would populate dynamic elements into your template (e.g. menus) with correct templates.

Because different apps will want different layouts, I’ve built them in such a way where you can extend those layouts easily, but we could benefit from some contributed layouts, so if you want to work on them I’ll help through our chatroom.