Job offer: atk expert wanted for an ERP system

Hey guys,
I’m looking for an atk expert to collaborate with.
I have a project to finish during the next 2 months and there’s still a lot of things to do. Is anyone of you interested?
It’s about a platform for a company that manages ads (physical ads). We need a client & supplier database, an invoicing system which is automated and offers to be made specially for this applications.
I have started developing on that project, but I can’t manage it on my own timewise. I have shifted some milestones for several times, so I need a reliable partner to cooperate with.
Moneywise it’s a paid job of course, we have to talk about your specific conditions or a calculation of the effort you can bring in.
I’d suggest we just have a (Zoom) call to clarify everything, if you are interested. We also could do a group call, where everyone who’s interested in can participate and I’ll present the project to you.

The project is still in (atk) development, so we don’t have to start by scratch!

You can contact me via e-mail at box[at] I prefer doing a Zoom call. So we could learn to know each other better and find out if we should partner up.


Hi box,

I don’t know how I can be of your use as I am not available as a developer. But just giving you direction how we made a complete customisable and extensible drag and drop website builder, ERP/CRM and many other apps for the system itself with ATK4.3

Atk4.3 is the older version and new Atk is quite different and better in many matters.
Just pointing you to the system if it can help you in someway or other as soul of Atk is still the same.

Out product was made in complete ATK system
and here is it’s code, for various other versions you can search youtube for “xEpan”, “Epan ERP” etc.

Though, we made the system primarily for our in-hose website development and manage business, we made it open source. Though it is complete working system but currently we are not promoting or managing the product now.