Invitation to join "Agile Toolkit 4.4" project


Our team is starting work on the next piece of the puzzle. Following the successful completion of DSQL project we now getting ready to refactor the very foundation of ATK - “AbstractObject”.

The concept here is to change our monolithic object into collection of PHP traits as well as introduce other improvements.

Code and roadmap:

Once those are complete, they will be used in Agile Data and ATK4.4 and released under MIT.

We are recruiting:

  • reviewers (look at code and provide feedback)
  • english spellcheckers (read docs and fix grammar errors, cross-linking etc)
  • people who have great experience in non-atk framework (for integration options)

The project will take about 2 months and if you have some time to participate in our hangouts, you can get a lot of experience and contribute back!

The correct way to version-control the an ATK4 project

Yey, lets do it! Count me in :slight_smile:


I’m setting up a comms so we can chat.


Public chat rooms are now open, if you are willing to work with us on improving ATK, then:

Please join, say HI and also invite your friends. Here is the VIDEO on the Agile Data concept (half hour):