Intermediary Table Relationship Example

Hi All,
Please, would someone be able to point me to a document or an example that demonstrates
an intermediary relationship ? For Example:

Table A [ ID, ANOTHER_ID ]
Table Intermediate [ ID, ANOTHER_ID, THIRD_ID ]

I wish to add STRING_FIELD into Table A’s CRUD.

I am able to do the relationship amongst two tables
( hasOne and hasMany between the two model classes ) but I am not sure
on how to achieve the same via an intermediary table.

A DOC Chapter link or an Example would be great, please.
Thanks in advance for your kind attention,

Anyhow, it worked by doing:

hasMany <-> hasOne between Model A and B where
HasOne uses ->addField, hence
by doing the same in the 3rd Model <-> 2nd Model ( where ->addField from hasOne exists ) it sees the related field.

my problem is now in a Grid decorator, using
->AddDecorator, with the seed ['Link, …" … but I am
unable to pass the clicked ID …tried {$id} $m->id …

Please, is there an example of a Grid->AddDecorator
using a Link and actually passing the id ? thanks.

This worked. Thanks.

$g->addDecorator(‘ranking_id’, [‘Link’, [‘rankingurl’], [‘ranking_id’=>‘ranking_id’]]);

where rankingurl is the php file name.
ranking_id is my id
( $m->if_field is set to ranking_id as well ).

The Documentation mentions a safer way, but it doesn’t elaborate on it, I wonder what is the safe way ? thanks anyhow. This is a fantastic framework.

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Thanks Roman ! The gitter presence is great !