Integration with Javascript framework

Finished asking questions here.

There are no add-on i’m aware of that would integrate FullCalendar. If you do not know how to do that, you can ask someone else in the community to build add-on for you (as a paid job).

Finished aksing questions here.

I suppose you are aware that ATK as many more open source framework are not backed up by a company and we give our tool for FREE for anyone to use. Romans, I (and all other members I guess) are doing their best to answer member questions here as soon as we can, it absolutely no compensation? So don’t you consider your behaviour to be rude - having in mind you didn’t ask a simple question, didn’t pay nothing and brag about not getting an answer for 11 days (having in mind it was also a time after holidays)?

I can ask you a question similar to your, if say you are good in React, and I ask you “how to integrate ATK in a React App?”

You just need to include the needed JS, read the FullCalendar integration guide and JUST integrate it in ATK. It’s as simple as that!

If you ask me, and I know or can find the answer, you can expect a decent, helpfull answer which will help you on track. That is why I type flaming replies to useless answers.
But all is said and done, there is clearly nobody who can help me further. I can’t even find how to delete my account at this forum. That will be best I guess. I give up on ATK.