Integration with Javascript framework

Hi, I am investigating ATK but I run into something: using 3rd party/javascript libraries.
In my case I need With a separate HTML page and including the libraries, I managed to show the planner. And obviously from there it is not too hard to use the FullCalendar Ajax calls to read or write events.

But that includes writing modals in HTML and Javascript to show or hide them. Just all what wanted to avoid by using ATK.

So I wonder if there is any documentation on how to achieve the combination of FullCalendar and ATK like the charting library. Fullcalendar is just an example, there are may more interesting Javascript libraries like grid with inline editing that could be connected with the same technique.

Who can help me get started with this?
Thanks in advance.

There are no add-on i’m aware of that would integrate FullCalendar. If you do not know how to do that, you can ask someone else in the community to build add-on for you (as a paid job).

First of all: I am not here as an “end user” but as developer looking at a framework in which actually only the obvious is documented or the documentation is well hidden or not public available. At least I have not seen any interaction with external frameworks in the Udemy training.

I have found the code for loading javascript and css and so I have managed to show the fullcalendar with its default crud methods but I would want ATK based inputs/dialogs for that. in this context is just some javascript thing, the table with inline editing is just another. The question about integrating therefore is general.

I am setting up a web project and started by looking at the parts that seem the most difficult. Typing “Agile Toolkit” in Google does not bring up many useable information about ATK. So getting documentation is limited.So I decided to post my question in the forum to see what happens. 11 days are a long time and it seems no forum member has the skills to point me somewhere.

You make it sound like I asked a very simple question but I without an example I’m clueless…

I suppose you are aware that ATK as many more open source framework are not backed up by a company and we give our tool for FREE for anyone to use. Romans, I (and all other members I guess) are doing their best to answer member questions here as soon as we can, it absolutely no compensation? So don’t you consider your behaviour to be rude - having in mind you didn’t ask a simple question, didn’t pay nothing and brag about not getting an answer for 11 days (having in mind it was also a time after holidays)?

I can ask you a question similar to your, if say you are good in React, and I ask you “how to integrate ATK in a React App?”

You just need to include the needed JS, read the FullCalendar integration guide and JUST integrate it in ATK. It’s as simple as that!

Yes I am well aware that ATK is open source and I deeply respect all time and effort it takes to maintain. Free or open source is not a measure for involvement or quality. Measure the value not by the license but by the ability to get difficult things done.

On a forum an answer is not bound to a timeframe. But the harder/more difficult the question the longer it can take someone to see it who is able to help out. My timeframe mention therefore has nothing to do with me expecting to get an answer in a certain period. That is not how a forum works anyway.

But yes, especially on a forum -the place to help eachother out- I get a bit angry and heavily dissapointed if someone tells me to hire someone. Speaking of being rude.

In React I am no good. But if you ask me a similar question, let’s say about manually installing a Wordpress plugin or a component package in Delphi or how to set up components or a best practice, I will not just say that installing a package, creating a component or set up database access is easy, I will write you a detailed step-by-step guide how to do that. If you would know it yourself, you would not ask, would you?

You may expect me to do the same for other users on the ATK forum. But that depends on if someone on this forum can help me get started.

I am not here to be rude and offensive. But I have found myself a project where I need FullCalendar with more fields than in the standard modals, I hope that ATK can do that but I cannot find the information anywhere.

To show that I really don’t mean to be offensive, I will remove my initial comment.

But that does not change the fact that 26 people either don’t understand what I’m asking or not know how to do that. I hope that I can be the one writing the documentation about how this integration is done.