Integration of Javascript-Framework

I am using ATK for a web-application, where I need to scan QR-codes.
I am using zxing-js because it is working with all my devices and works well.
I am adapting a demo from them:

I would like to use ATK/UI for this app too because all the other components are made with it and I like the look and the functionality.

I now have a few things I would like to do:

  • Integrate zxing-js into a simple app
  • Use the HTML5-video tag to display the video
  • Fill two fields in a form from the javascript-code above
  • Trigger javascript from elements in the form and vice versa (fill a drop-down menu from javascript, start/stop scanning)
  • Create a message-element from javascript

Can all this done? Can someone please provide me with some pointers where to start?

If you’re not familiar with HTML / JS and conventional web development, you might need help from experienced developer to create QR-scanning add-on for ATK. You can post a job offer on the forum.