How to change date-format in GRID?

How can I change the date-format of my date fields in the GRID?
It is displaying the date like “Sep 18, 2019” but I must have it like “18.09.2019”?

My field is defined in the model as:
$this->addField(“Datefield”, [‘caption’=>‘Datefield’,‘type’->‘date’]);

I didn’t find anything how this behaviour could be achieved?


In App object, there is the following setting that you can use to change the date format for the whole application.


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Thank you very much! I did find a tipp on using ui_persistence but somehow that didn’t work, but your tipp was absolutely spot on!

$model->addField(‘Datefield’, [‘type’=>‘date’, ‘persistence’=>[‘format’=>‘d.m.Y’]]);

If I remember well the date letters. I am not checked Based on Section