Grid: Predefined actions (add/edit/delete) and reload


I’ve got a small problem of a grid not reloading the table after doing an action added with addActionButton(“delete/add/edit”).

I’ve tried adding ->on(“click” or expanding the function but the first variant doesn’t do anything and the second removes the pre-defined action which I want to keep as well.

I’ve tried
$grid->addActionButton([“icon” => “trash red”], function($p, $id) use($model, $grid) {
return new \atk4\ui\jsReload($grid);
}, [“Do you want to delete the item?”]);

which works but without the “Success” message but this doesn’t create the modal for add/edit which I’m satisfied with.

Second, if I want to change the “modal-label” on the pre-defined actions, how do I do that, as well as the confirm-message?

Thanks in advance,