Grid do not capitalize enum values


Hi I had simple field in a model

            'values'=>['yes'=>'Yes','no'=>'No'], //also have tried 'enum=>['yes'=>'Yes','no'=>'No'],
            'required' => true,
            'caption' => 'Is a Current Address',

I display the values of this field in the grid using setModel
like this:

  $g = $this->add(new \atk4\ui\Grid());

I would like to see the values of ‘is_current_address’ with Pascal Case (Yes ,No) without changing them in the db as they are ENUM(‘yes’,‘no’). Unfortunately, whatever I did the values are lowercase. I’ve tried to do it by excluding ‘is_current_address’ from setModel and adding it by addColumn() method and pass some function but there was an error.

Will be very nice if someone has a suggestion?