Error in Insert SQL in demo


In trying to run the CRUD full editing example, I get this when trying to add a new value:

Fatal Error
atk4\dsql\Exception: DSQL got Exception when executing this query
Exception Parameters
error: "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'id' cannot be null"
query: "insert into `country` (`id`,`nicename`,`name`,`iso`,`iso3`,`numcode`,`phonecode`) values (NULL,'GE','GE','GE','GEK','GE2',6969)"
Stack Trace
File	Object	Method
w/ui/vendor/atk4/dsql/src/Expression.php: 563	atk4\dsql\Exception	atk4\core\Exception::__construct()
vendor/atk4/data/src/Persistence_SQL.php: 773	atk4\dsql\Query_MySQL	atk4\dsql\Expression::execute()

It is best to NOT include the id field so that the auto-increment can set its own value.


If the ID field is defined as “id not null primary key auto_increment” then it works just fine. If you are using MySQL Workbench you have forgotten to tick that checkbox, I’ve done that many times myself.


This happened in your online demo


oh, which one :slight_smile:


“the CRUD full editing example”


please provide a full link, :slight_smile: I have stuff all over the place …