Displaying Value for ID within CRUD, plus Breadcrumbs help

Hi Roman and All,
I am new to this forum and new to Agile UI Kit.
I have read through and searched across, although there are some examples and tutorials [I went through the party-app, money-lending…], I was unable to reverse it to my context hence I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
Apologies if this is too basic or If I missed an identical example ( please point me to it if so, thanks).

Goal: To display an additional columnS in CRUD that will contain the actual value of a given ID, and make this translated value also a breadcrumb link, referring to the record from the foreign table.
For example:
Table 1: Domains ( domain_id, domain_string,owner_email ).
Table 2: Bids ( bid_id, domain_id, bid_amount, timestamp ).

So the CRUD of Table Bids would contain:

bid_id, domain_id, Domains.domain_string, Domains.owner_email, timestamp

( so the domain name and the owner’s email appear as opposed to only the domain id )

What have I tried ?
So, the two models as of now:

class Domains extends \atk4\data\Model {
public $table = ‘domains’;
public $id_field = ‘domain_id’;
function init()


class Bids extends \atk4\data\Model {
public $table = ‘bids’;
public $id_field = ‘bid_id’;
function init()

    $this->hasOne('domain_id', 'Domains');

Then on at the .php for displaying:

$view = $app->add(‘View’, [‘ui’ => ‘basic segment’]);
$g = $view->add([‘CRUD’, ‘canDelete’=>false,‘canCreate’=>true,‘canUpdate’=>true]);
$m = new Bids($app->db);
$g->ipp = 20;
$g->addItemsPerPageSelector() ;

Executing the above works, but without any additional fields ( domain string + domain email) and
so I tried all of the following, without success:
$this->addField(‘domain_string’) ; // not found
$join = $m->join(‘domain_id’, ‘domains’) ; // error

Please, how do I display domain_string and owner_email within the Bids CRUD ?

And so, if I am successful on that, the next step would be to have a version of the Bids CRUD with breadcrumbs to display the entire domain record. I looked and found masterCRUD.

Anyhow, if anyone can help me with the first part anyways I would be grateful.

Thank You,

ps: I also saw a message about Sessions for Beginners ?Please, I would show up.

I’ve managed to get it by doing:
//in Domains
$this->hasMany(‘Bids’,[‘model’ => ‘Bids’,‘our_field’ => ‘domain_id’,‘their_field’ => ‘domain_id’, ]);

//in Bids
$this->hasOne(‘domain_id’, [new Domains(),])->addFields([‘domain’]);

Now, in order to get to breadcrumbs, do I need to integrate masterCRUD ?

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

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