CRUD not working as before since upgrade to version 2.x

When using version 1.x of Agile Toolkit, the button created in the menu was always named 'Add ’ where was either the caption you set on the model or the name of the model if no caption was provided.

In version 2.x, this is not working. The button always says ‘Will execute Add’.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I dug into this some more. There appears to be a larger issue. I have also noticed that the canCreate, canUpdate and canDelete options no longer work and fieldsCreate, fieldsUpdate no longer work either. When looking through the source code, I noticed the code for this no longer exists.

As a quick test, I took the CRUD.php source from the latest version of 1.x and put it in place of the 2.x version. Nearly everything started working properly again. My ‘Add’ button had the right name, the delete icon disappeared, etc. The only issue is that see is that when saving, it cannot find jsNotify and gets an error which prevents it from display the record added message.

Obviously, this isn’t a long term solution but it seems like some functions may have been removed by mistake.

Who can help on this? I like the product, don’t mind helping but need this to work or I will have to go in another direction.


It seems that perhaps the documentation isn’t matching changes in 2.x?

I believe the following has changed:
fieldsCreate is now addFields,
fieldsUpdate is now editFields

I was able to make sense of everything by reviewing the code here:

I agree with Aaron_S reply stating the documentation doesn’t appear to have been updated. I forgot to update this thread but found out that canCreate became getAction(‘add’), canDelete became getAction(‘delete’), etc.