Bug/Limitation in Wizard component

I think I’ve found a bug in Agile Toolkit v1.6.5 – it’s definitely a limitation. I’m developing a fairly complex simulation application, with lots of things to set. When creating a new simulation, the number of things to create can get a bit large. I’m setting up wizards to create each individual item, and – if the user so chooses – when creating a new simulation the wizard could create one or more of everything.

I got my various individual wizards all working just fine, and went to test the wizard with one of everything. At that point I got a nasty surprise.

Notice: Undefined offset: 19 in C:\wamp64\www\NewPP\vendor\atk4\ui\src\Wizard.php on line 200

I went looking and line 200 is:

    $this->ui = $enumeration[$c].' '.$this->ui;

$enumeration is just a local array with the words ‘one’ through ‘ten’ in it (‘one’ is repeated). It seems to be used to generate a name for a ui. While having the word there instead of the number seems like it could be convenient, it is limiting. I replaced it with

    $this->ui = $c.' '.$this->ui;

Everything seems fine at this point, but since I’m not ATK expert, I’m worried that this will break something else. Is this fix bad for some reason? Is there a reason ATK UI needs the name spelled out?