Bug/Limitation in Wizard component

I think I’ve found a bug in Agile Toolkit v1.6.5 – it’s definitely a limitation. I’m developing a fairly complex simulation application, with lots of things to set. When creating a new simulation, the number of things to create can get a bit large. I’m setting up wizards to create each individual item, and – if the user so chooses – when creating a new simulation the wizard could create one or more of everything.

I got my various individual wizards all working just fine, and went to test the wizard with one of everything. At that point I got a nasty surprise.

Notice: Undefined offset: 19 in C:\wamp64\www\NewPP\vendor\atk4\ui\src\Wizard.php on line 200

I went looking and line 200 is:

    $this->ui = $enumeration[$c].' '.$this->ui;

$enumeration is just a local array with the words ‘one’ through ‘ten’ in it (‘one’ is repeated). It seems to be used to generate a name for a ui. While having the word there instead of the number seems like it could be convenient, it is limiting. I replaced it with

    $this->ui = $c.' '.$this->ui;

Everything seems fine at this point, but since I’m not ATK expert, I’m worried that this will break something else. Is this fix bad for some reason? Is there a reason ATK UI needs the name spelled out?

This has to do with the widths. Enumerations are used for Fomantic UI attached steps:


Is it an undocumented functionality of fomantic-ui where it also works with numbers? We can probably use that.

That’s above my pay grade, unfortunately. I’m barely a beginning user of ATK stuff, and even less familiar with Fomantic’s stuff. I can, however, verify that my solution is working and continues to work. All the check marks for completed steps, dynamic sizing of the labels based on the number of steps, etc. seem to be doing just what they should.

Am I missing the point to point out that even if I just use the number, the $this->ui = … is still generating a string?