Bug - AgileToolkit Sign-up Training

Getting error while trying to sign up for Training.

See screenshot attached.


We are currently working on training materials they are still unavailable.

You can follow guides and read documentation, it’s quite high-level at the moment.


If can commit some time Aug/September and would be willing to get early access to the training sessions, it will be announced to our Gitter-im users: https://gitter.im/atk4/atk4.

Thanks Romanish.

I was just following the links on your site, and seemed like I need to register for course, to just explore the content.
I was curious to see what the 10 week course would cover.

I am impressed with your new approach in the Agile-Data library.
Great work, in my opinion.

However, when I got that exception on sign-up, it dented my confidence, a little, :slight_smile: :wink:
(But not great PR when it fails like that.)

I am considering using Agile-Data in a rewrite of an application.
I see you are quite busy with a variety of activities around the Agile-Toolkit.
To help me decide;

  • Do you think you will still be supporting / developing this in 5 years time?

  • Are any large companies, or complex web applications using it?

  • Would you be able to give any examples?


Hi, Mcgarrit.

We are working as hobbyists right now, so need to balance between various things. A lot of work has gone into dissecting “atk4” (old project) and converting it into Agile Data and Agile UI projects. Homepages and materials do not always reflect that, I am still hunting down those. I am having some help with preparation of course materials, but everyone expects completed product, completed package. Getting there slowly while balancing my personal cashflow.

  1. The original ATK have been maintained and supported since its release in 2012, I’ve always worked with the community, big or small. In a meantime, I’m trying to get commercial support structure going, which could help me focus 100% on the project.

  2. Agile Data is used by www.sortmybooks.com. Here is a snippet of some internal code https://gist.github.com/romaninsh/0cdb53e67f8cf983255b0a203ec3e73d. There are few more projects being worked on, but Agile Data is a pretty new concept.

  3. I always answer forum posts, stack-overflow questions and you can also find me in our gitter.im chat, if you have any specific ideas for examples, I’d be happy to implement them. I even have the repository here: https://github.com/atk4/data-primer

Agile Data has been reviewed by developers and have received a very good feedback. But it needs more early adopters like you, that’s the most important right now. You are welcome to use it and tell us and everyone else how it worked out.