Beta Testers Required! (DSQL)


Hi all.

I hope you are enjoying Agile Toolkit in your applications, but unfortunately we need to help others, who for some reason cannot use ATK in their applications. Reasons could be legacy code or compatibility.

We want to be helpful for them also and we refactored a DSQL query builder into a stand-alone PHP library. Now that we have released the “BETA” we need some beta-testers.

  1. Ideally use this in a non-ATK project (Any other PHP framework or PHP app)
  2. Read the documentation and tutorials, reports issues with docs also.
  3. Report your progress on this page e.g. “Managed to integrate with Wordpress!, here is some code …”
  4. Try to help us recruit more beta-testers.

You will find EVERYTHING that you need here to start using DSQL:

Huge thanks to @DarkSide for his help with this project.