ATK beginner - syntax and option documentation

links below are broken and dont have full url, i am new user and the forum spam-controls me.

I have years of PHP but I am new to ATK, i am impressed with functionality i seen so far (UI/DATA).
What I am having some issues with is figuring out where to look for Syntax/Options documentation.
I can find a lot of examples, the Demos etc, but when I browse agile-ui readthedocs io/en/latest/ it appears this also a lot of examples, not actual syntax and list of options for a method.

Perhaps I just havent found the right places to look, or perhaps it does not have such details created for everything yet?

As an example, when looking at the tutorial in github com /atk4/money-lending-tutorial/blob/master/tutorial/en/
I wanted to Explore the Menu-Additem method, what is the parameters and options I can use
When going to agile-ui readthedocs io /en/latest/menu.html it has a few examples without much explanation - it has hints to things is all.

for advanced use it refers to
but that is also just a bunch of examples, quite extensive when looking at the source - but still not easy to grasp for someone new to ATK.

When looking at the menu source in
it seems like the syntax can be
addItem( string or array: Item, string or array: action)
but i couldnt easily dig into or get what the things one can do within.

I am guessing that perhaps since I am net to ATK, i am missing some sort of concept of calling other things within the UI library, but i still wish there was some explanatory syntax somewhere (if that does not exist, I wouldnt mind helping to write some of it, but i should probably use it for a couple years before trying to be a wizard).

so a specific question right now, outside the want for docs, would be how to add html title="" text to a menu item? it has the icon=“iconname” which is neat, so i tried with title=>text but that fails with an exception, and I don’t see a title or html object in the samples referenced…

If I properly understand your question, a think that helped me most when learning was that each option you specify when adding a new object in ATK UI/Data is actually a public property of that class.

Having this in mind you can see what public properties are available in the object you add, and this way you can determine what is available.

Hi, also being new to ATK, I totally agree with the need for more documentation.

Perhaps some more documentation on how to explore available objects and properties will also be useful for non programmers like me.

Loving what ATK offers so far though.

Thank you for the feeddback, not entirely sure how to use it just yet.
so as and example i am right now trying to figure out a couple of things - can probably be considered newbie issues:

  1. using admin-layout - how to change the leftMenu colors? (properly, not by changing anything in atk source)
  2. using admin-layout - how to create collapsible menu panels in leftMenu? if even doable. adding Submenu does not work in my tests since that is popping out on right side and becomes invisible (adds horiz scroll) - curious to what options i can add to make it just do it below, the demo examples do that, but I dont get what properties or styling i can do to make it change. Guessing accordion is not appropriate within a menu, i could use dropdown perhaps.

it is the whole uncertainty of what is the right way, like where is the right way documented.
I have been trying now with get_object_vars, but on menu components I get such vast amount and not sure where to look.

so like in my #2 - consider this:
$bon = $app->layout->leftMenu->addGroup([‘Bonfire’,‘icon’=>‘fire’]);
$bonsub = $bon->addMenu(‘petroleum based’);

if i var_dump properties on $bon and $bonsub there is a vast amount to look at… is there a trick to where to look or how to go about it perhaps?