Any interest in an ediTable component?


Is there any interest in what I would call an ediTable component for Agile UI? I find myself generating a lot of forms that basically are Tables/Grids that the user can edit in-line. The easiest example I can think of is a weekly timecard with columns for the account to be charged and daily hours for that account.

The user would have the ability to add or delete rows (all entries for that week for a given account, in the timecard example), and there would be a single save/submit button on the form that would update all the changed records.

I could see a benefit to having the ability to specify which columns were editable and which were not. If it were done in a modular fashion, it could support all the various types of input (i.e., check box, dropdown, calendar, etc.) in line in each row.

Do I do unusual applications, or do other people find themselves frequently putting this kind of UI element together? If you’ve put them together, have you used Agile UI to develop that interface? If so, please share your approach.

Any ideas/comments would be welcome.


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Hello. I am interested in such a from. Also if this can be implemented as a form field holding an JSON, it would also be a good thing I can use. For client phones or emails. But even a form that supports multiple rows would be nice.

I think however that a CRUD does this work at the moment.


Yes!! This would be wonderful. While our agiletoolkit apps have been designed around the CRUD component and work will in that capacity there are some simpler tables where it would be nice to edit them in-line, or even similar a Microsoft Access table.


Hello. I’m very new to ATK so forgive me if I’m speaking out of turn. This functionality sounds ideal. Is there already control of tab order for import; as another mentioned Access and we do have such control for speedy input between fields.

Does the proposed “editable” allow for repeatable forms or repeatable sections? We work with a lot of PHP based form input under WordPress and there is a plethora of beautiful input plugins (from Formidable, GravityForms, Types&Views, etc.) and they offer tables with repeatable sections that sound familiar.

This allows a given record to have one or more repeating sections consisting of multiple input fields. Think of user addresses attached to a given contact. A contact could have multiple addresses (business, home, etc) each with fields for street, zip, country, etc. In addition, those repeatable block sections can be reordered (say for preferred address at the top).

Is that currently possible?


This sounds very similar to , which is due to be released soon!


It does, indeed! I look forward to using it!


Cool! Check out this repo as well:, it’s also work in progress.