Agile ToolKit Tutorial


Where can I find a step by step tutorial, preferably in video format, that demonstrates the setup of basic Admin and Frontend sections of Agile Toolkit 4.3. And then demonstrates deployment of the finished project to the Cloud server. I can only find older outdated video tutorials on versions prior to 4.3.



we are in process to create such videos. A complete guide that will not only let you learn agiletookit and agile design pattern but also its deployment on Atk cloud server.

May be @romans can tell if we are about to release those videos as and when ready or will we release complete video guide together.


That would be great. I am very much looking forward to the videos. I have experience with functional php and am just getting started with OO php design and Agile Toolkit appears to be pretty friendly to someone new to OO coding, but I’m still finding it difficult to get started based only on the documentation provided vs what I see on a new project in the Sandbox environment.