Agile API GET parameters

I’m trying to use the API with the use of parameters, but I don’t understand where to define the function described in the documentation

function args(\atk4\data\Model $m) {
if ($_GET[‘sort’]) {

if ($_GET['condition']) {
	foreach($_GET['condition'] as $key=>$val) {
        $m->addCondition($key, $val);
// etc. etc...

for the use of parameters such as:
?only=name,surname specify onlyFields

actual request: …/deposito/?sort=nome_cliente
return the message:
message “Record was not found”
model “Object Deposito”
id “”?sort=nomecliente""
conditions “[]”

I did not find a clear example of how to use the GET parameters
There are some suggestions to solve the problem

I don’t think it’s implemented yet in the API. Thought you were talking about UI for a moment. Technically you’re on a right track.

Ok thanks, they would be useful functions, I will continue to check the documentation and as soon as they are available I will resume the implementation in my software