Admin Layout Logo


Hello guys, I’m wondering how can we add company logo near the title of the admin menu?


You can try to check inside admin.html probably you can check also inside the folder
atk4/ui/template/semantic-ui where all the templates are and also .php files.

inside atk4/ui/src/layout/admin.php check this line:


this is where Welcome to Agile Toolkit default message is… in your case where logo title is…

you can as well check this link

Let me know if you find the solution!


Hi, this is working when you change the Header content : $this->menuLeft->addHeader($this->app->title);
in atk4/ui/src/layout/admin.php
with this example:
$img = ‘’;
‘Header’, //specify element
‘Center-aligned header’, //the title
‘aligned’=>‘center’, // aligment class
‘image’=>[$img, ‘disabled’], // logo
‘subHeader’=>‘header with image’ //subtitle