addQuickSearch and strange error


I’m new at using Agile Toolkit/Agile UI and have discovered something I really don’t undserstand.

I’ve got this code:
$crudObj = $form->add([
"paginator" => ["range" => 2],
"ipp" => 10,
"displayFields" => [
"editFields" => [
"pageUpdate" => true,
$crudObj->setModel(new MafDB_task($db, [
"table" => "task",
"caption" => "Task"
$crudObj->addQuickSearch(['task'], true);
$crudObj->setIpp([10, 25, 50, 100]);

Quite simple, nothing special at all, and everything is working except emptying the search-field which gives me the following error:

Error: Call to a member function save() on null (in /var/www/html/lc/logfilecollector_2020/vendor/atk4/ui/src/Form.php:609)

I really don’t understand why the form tries to save anything when I empty the search-field?


Second picture:

Hi Ricky, are you using version 1.7.1?


no, I’m using the devel-version as I wanted to try out MasterCrud as well but that didn’t work at all.


i think



Hi Peter,

that’s not it, the “true” flag makes the QuickSearch dynamic so I don’t need to press enter for the search to happen.

Thanks, anyway.

Best regards,